Vogue Analysis: February

Trend Count: 10

The count is up from the January issue. I noticed 10 places where Marsala appeared in Vogue’s February issue. I am beginning to notice that there are a lot more Marsala accessory pieces than there are clothing items. I see lots of shoes, lipstick, and purses rather than dresses and shirts. This could be in connection to the transition of Winter into Spring. In the January issue there were a couple of Marsala jackets (one fur) and now the color is starting to be more in the details rather than the center of the outfit. In this issue, Marsala was found mainly in advertisements. This could show that designers are ready to start promoting this trend and pushing the public to accept it as well. Like last month, Marsala was mainly found as an accent color. One observation from this month and last month: Marsala shoes seem to be trending the past two months. I have seen lots of Marsala shoes. louis-vuitton-2015-campaign-1



Photo 1 copy 2

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4 copy

Photo 5 copy

Photo 7

Photo 8


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