What to Expect When You’re Expecting Royalty

I can’t believe it is already time to begin preparing for the second royal baby! Time has flown by! It feels like just yesterday that I was up at 4 am to watch William and Kate get married.

If you have never closely followed the birth of a royal baby, don’t worry! Even if you are an avid royal watcher, relive George’s birth with me! I am here to let you know exactly what to expect in the days leading up to and following the birth of Baby Cambridge.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Royalty…

Members of the world's media gather outside The Lindo Wing as The Duchess O

Lots and lots and lots of media

You can guarantee that journalists and from all over the world will start making their way to the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. For the future King of England, press members lined up as early as July 1st (George wasn’t born until July 22nd) to ensure a front row spot!

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Leave The Lindo Wing With Their Newborn Son

Even more people

People will start lining up outside the Lindo Wing about the same time as the press. Serious fans will even camp out, like we saw with the royal wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.50.49 PM

Placing bets on potential names and gender

As soon as the Duchess of Cambridge’s second (and first) pregnancy was announced, people started placing bets on what they thought they baby would be and possible names. As you can imagine, Diana is always a popular bet for a girl. At the top of the list for the new baby is Victoria, Charlotte, Alexandra (my personal favorite), Henry, Charles, and James.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.44.37 PM

Clarence House will release a statement when Kate goes into Labor

For Kate’s first pregnancy, no one even saw her and William go into the hospital. So if the media doesn’t report it first, Clarence House and/or Kensington Palace will release a statement saying that Kate has gone into labor!


The famous easel

As royal tradition would have it, when a royal baby is born, this easel is set outside Buckingham Palace with the gender and time of birth. Before the time of social media, royal fans would have to wait for this easel to be put out to know if it was a girl or boy. However, Prince George was the first royal to be announced on social media. They put the easel up but Clarence House also released the gender on their Twitter account before the easel was put up.


The grandparents visit

After the child has been born, the loving grandparents and aunts/uncles will travel to the hospital to visit the new baby. The Queen, however, did not visit the hospital. Carole and Michael Middleton spoke to the press briefly as they left the hospital and Prince Charles only said a few words in passing. Pippa, James, and Harry all took a trip to the hospital to meet their new nephew.

Private Lindo Wing At St. Mary's Hospital

“The Door”

Everyone watching coverage of the royal birth will know the term “the door.” We spent countless hours watching these doors waiting on the Duke and Duchess and George to emerge to catch the first glance of the newborn. Royal baby #2 will be no exception. If you aren’t lucky enough to be there in person, live through the pictures and videos! They will just have to do for now! Unfortunately, there will be no live stream this time! 😦


Hello world!

After countless hours of watching “the door,” you will finally see the happy couple with their newborn child emerge! Everyones hearts will burst with joy! The new royal baby has made its debut into the world! When George was born, Kate walked out holding him and then passed him over to William after a few minutes.


A brief talk with the press

When George was born, the couple walked over to the area where the press were and said a few short words. William told the couple that George “had a good pair of lungs” and that he “is quite heavy.” Kate also told them that it was a very emotional and special time. William and Kate have not confirmed that they will talk with the press this time, but royal watchers everywhere have their fingers crossed!!!

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Leave The Lindo Wing With Their Newborn Son

They live happily ever after

After talking with the press, William and Kate went back into the hospital to put George in his car seat and then reemerged to take their journey back to their “normal” life. William put little George, who was screaming and crying, into the back seat with his Mum and then drove them off back to their Kensington Palace apartment. William, Kate, George and the new baby will spend a couple of days at Kensington Palace and then retreat to their country house, Anmer Hall.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.18.29 PM

The name is released

The day after William, Kate, and George left the hospital, the name that they had chosen for their son was released– George Alexander Louis. Above is the official birth register that William filled out himself. (Ps. Can you imagine putting “Princess of the United Kingdom” as your occupation???) The Duke and Duchess have confirmed that they will announce the name shortly after they return to their home!

Are you ready? The ‘Great Kate Wait’ has begun! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@callmekateblog) to make sure you get all the details and coverage! Thanks for reading 🙂


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