Call Me Kate is backkkk!

Hello friends! It has been quite a while! I had to take a break from the blog world for a good part of the summer due to various things. I was taking an online class which was very demanding. Also, it was my summer break so I was relaxing and traveling!

However, Call Me Kate is back! I am so excited because now that Kate has had time off with her children, her engagements will start picking back up! Below, I am going to list some upcoming things that will be on the blog!

Also, if you aren’t following me on all social media, be sure to do that! I am on Twitter and Instagram. My handle (@callmekateblog) is the same on both!

So I know that I missed out on quite a lot of Cambridge moments, but I am going to try my best to go back and recap all that I missed (because why not?!).

Here are some of the events/topics that I am going to cover in the upcoming weeks (and of course any new things as well…)

  • Princess Charlotte’s Christening
  • Official Christening Photos by Mario Testino
  • Wimbledon Visit from Will and Kate
  • Prince George’s 2nd Birthday
  • William and Kate’s America’s Cup World Series Engagement
  • Kate’s Upcoming Tiara Appearance

Stay tuned! I’m so glad to be back! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.51.58 PM


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