The Royal Trio, the Cambridge Cuddle and One Major Stank Eye

Since Kate returned to the public arena last week, she did so with a bang (pun intended)! She visited the Anna Freud Centre, had two trips to the Rugby World Cup and made a surprise visit to a women’s prison all in the past two weeks. However, it has been quite awhile since we have seen the royal trio. Fret not though, William, Kate and Harry attended the 2015 Rugby World Cup finals in Twickenham on Saturday and pretty much reminded us why we love them- the faces they make while watching sports, the Cambridge couple and Harry being the cutest third wheel out there.

Here are some pictures of the stadium to set the scene…



Now, get ready… because the royal trio is back!


The final match was between Wales and England. William, being vice-patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, and Harry, who is vice-patron of the English Rugby Union, were rivals for the night. I’m guessing Kate cheers for Wills’ team.


Harry made for some great entertainment for royal watchers. His faces were hilarious throughout the night! Here he is, obviously happy and cheering on his team.



Happy Harry!


William doesn’t look too happy here. I think Kate was just along for the ride! She seems pretty entertained no matter who is winning.


I don’t know what is happening in this picture, but it has to be something serious!


Picture break! I would like to imagine that they are looking at adorable pictures of George and Charlotte! They could be, right?!?


Don’t you just love them? They look so happy! *Side note: Harry still has the beard… 😉

Now it’s time for William to nag at Harry because his team is winning.




And once William’s team finally won, this happened…


*Major Stank Eye Alert* Oh, Harry… you and your silly faces, and beard, and blue eyes. Let us console you while you get over that loss.

And now, for the best part of the night. This is what I am now going to call the “Cambridge cuddle.”


Aren’t they the CUTEST?!?! We don’t usually get any PDA from these two, so to see them like this is so nice! They are just adorable!


I mean… LOOK at them!


*insert heart-eyes emoji*


The way they look at each other ❤ ❤ ❤



Here is an up-close shot of Kate. It was very hard to determine what she was wearing but, thanks to some very quick friends on Twitter, they determined that Kate was wearing her red Hugo Boss pashmina/scarf and new Zara pants! The top/jacket was never identified. Here’s a look…



These particular floral print trousers are by Zara.


Stay tuned for more this week as I recap Kate’s visit to the Anna Freud Centre, first appearance at the Rugby World Cup and her surprise visit earlier this week.


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