An Interview with ‘Maddieness’

Have you ever wondered what it is like to attend a party with the Duchess of Cambridge? Even better, have you ever imagined attending a party with the Duchess of Cambridge at her home, Kensington Palace? One of our friends, Maddie is giving us a first-hand peek inside a gala she attended at Kensington Palace, hosted and attended by none other than Kate.

Here is an interview with Maddie, who just launched her blog Maddieness. Be sure to follow it for fashion advice, all you beauty needs, food fun and all around English style!

Meet Maddie:

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.47.45 PM

First of all, give us a little background on yourself. 

As well as my social shenanigans, being a charity volunteer and a mummy (and now a blogger!) I also work as a professional consultant in:
Digital marketing
Promotion & sponsorship

As well as this I work in TV advert production which is a very fun and exciting industry.

Styling (set, wardrobe, interior, props)
Location sourcing

I love what I do, every day is so different because I’m lucky enough to work in so many areas and I always look forward to work J

I’m a just a general ‘go 2 girl’ for most things…so I’ve been told! I’m chief advisor on most things for friends and family, people trust me and my judgement and taste in things.

How did you get the inspiration for your blog?

I am an active social media user and I also write a ‘lifestyle & social’ column for a local lifestyle magazine. The blog is a great place to document everything I do and to share my opinions, advice and stories with people!

Life gets very busy and it’s difficult to keep in touch with everyone, so it’s also a great place for friends to keep up to date with your life!

Are you an avid Royal follower?

I think most people are Royal fans! I love the younger members of the family and I especially love the cheekiness of Prince Harry and his antics, although many disagree about the negative press stories he attracts I think it’s refreshing to show people that we are all human and the Royals are just people like us…apart from we don’t wear crowns 😉 well only sometimes!!

I think that Kate brings a young elegance to the family and she is a great role model to us all. She always look impeccable, her fashion style is classy and she is always extremely composed and even more beautiful in the flesh! I love the fact she often wears the same outfit twice which again goes back to being more on a ‘normal’ wavelength and being in touch with reality.

Now, on to the event…

What is SportsAid and how are you involved with it?

On what SportsAid is:

SportsAid helps young, unfunded athletes to overcome one of their greatest barriers to success – the financial challenge of trying to become Britain’s next generation of Olympians, Paralympians and world champions. Support the next with SportsAid.”

On HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s involvement with SportsAid:

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge became SportsAid’s Patron in 2013. Her support is helping the charity to shine a much brighter light on the achievements and potential of the UK’s most promising young athletes. She has spent time with many athletes who have been supported by SportsAid at the charity’s training days and workshops. She has also met several of the charity’s biggest supporters at fundraising events such as the SportsBall. Her support is helping the charity to take its message further than was ever possible before.”

One of the highlights of my year so far has to be the arrival of a very special invitation to Kensington Palace. I have been working with various sporting organizations on events, sponsorship and fundraising for a while and it is so inspiring to hear the stories of young athletes who have big dreams to succeed in their profession…some make it, some don’t, but it’s the belief in themselves that they can and to hear it from others who believe in them.

Sports Aid are a charity who help the next generation of British Olympians, Paralympians and world champions. They are essentially the ‘believers’, if you receive a Sports Aid financial reward then your potential has been identified and you are recognised during the critical stages of your sporting career. The funding helps young athletes overcome the financial challenges they face in their bid to succeed.

They have helped huge sporting names like Olympic & Paralympic medallists Jessica Ennis CBE, Ellie Simmonds OBE, MO Farah CBE, Tom Daley, Sir Steve Redgrave to name a few.

I was asked to help with the event on the sponsorship and auction side, so in typical Maddieness style I was on a mission! I was in charge of finding ‘goody bag’ sponsors and thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the UK’s North East brands at the palace.

I was honoured and delighted to be invited as a guest of the charity and was so excited for the celebration to raise funds for this fantastic charity.

Here is a video of the speech Kate made at the gala:

Was this your first time at a Sports Aid Gala?

This event was an exclusive one off due to the charities 40th anniversary celebrations, I have been to one other Sports Aid event last year which is their annual sports ball. This is attended by about 600 people, it was a great night!

Was it your first time at Kensington Palace?

Yes it was my first time at the palace, I have been to many beautiful stately homes before but the palace was beautiful although we did not see the whole place! What we saw was stunning.

What were your first thoughts upon seeing Kate in that gorgeous blue dress?

My initial thoughts were ‘Wow, she looks amazing and even better in real life.” My second thoughts were “damn, I wish I had worn my long blue dress too!”.

And those earrings! Did you get a close look at them?

Unfortunately not, I had a better look in the press images but they complimented her stunning dress perfectly and she looked effortless.

Did you get a chance to see Kate and/or meet her?

I didn’t get a chance to meet her, however the dinner was only attended by 100 people so I was sat very near her and passed her a few times.

What can you tell us about being inside Kensington Palace? Was it beyond beautiful? 

We had drinks at the main entrance east front gardens, then we ate in the Kings Gallery. Post-event drinks were in the Cupola Room. For more details and a glimpse of the menu for the event, check out Maddie’s post on the Gala! Find it here: Dinner with the Duchess Part 1.


Here are some pictures Maddie took while at the Gala:

Inside the Kings Gallery





Posh loos 🙂


Goodie Bags
Goodie bags!


Up close
Up close of Maddie’s beautiful dress!


Kate in the flesh!


Kate wore a new cobalt blue dress by Roland Mouret for the event. This was a new style we have never seen her in as it had shoulder cutouts. Here is a better look at the dress:


She wore her hair down in loose curls and accessorized with new earrings! They are in the same collection as her Cartier ‘Trinity’ necklace that we have seen before. Aren’t they absolutely stunning?



I hope you enjoyed the interview with Maddie! It was thrilling to get an inside look at attending an event with Kate! Be sure to follow Maddie!


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