New Year, New Move for the Cambridge Family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have called their country house in Norfolk home since Princess Charlotte’s birth. However, this may be changing soon. It has been reported that William and Kate will be moving their family back into Kensington Palace in the nearby future. Among many others, here are two major reasons the Cambridge family will be living in London soon:

  1. Prince George will be starting school in September.


    George attended Westacre Montessori Nursery while the Cambridge family lived in Norfolk. There has been much speculation about where he will go once he is back in London. Many outlets reported that George would follow in his father and uncle’s footsteps and attend Wetherby School in Notting Hill. Now, the buzz is that he is much more likely to attend the school’s campus in Kensington, which is only a short drive from their royal residence.

    As always, security and privacy is a top priority for William and Kate when choosing where George will start his education. The Sun reports that the campus in Kensington is less likely to attract paparazzi. Also, the close proximity to the palace will cut down on the travel required.

    About Wetherby Pre-Preparatory School:


    Wetherby School is where both William and Harry attended school as children. This school has three locations: Notting Hill, Kensington, and New York City. The website shows that the current fees are £6, 865 per term. Also, the mission statement of the school is :

    Wetherby School provides an environment that promotes educational excellence and tradition through a forward-thinking, holistic curriculum within which the needs of individual pupils are fostered.

    I cannot wait to see George in his adorable little uniform just like his dad and Uncle Harry!


  2. William is set to take on more royal responsibilities.

William has been working part-time as an air ambulance pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance Service since 2015. But…with great power comes great responsibility. It has been reported that Wills will soon quit his job piloting to take on more royal duties. This means that we will most likely be seeing a lot more of William and Kate from now on.

The Daily Mail reported that in 2016, William “spent 80 days on official engagements,” whereas Kate “had visits and meetings on 63 days.” The couple received criticism due to their low number of engagements last year. However, the Queen will be stepping down from her patronages of over 20 organizations, which will be taken over by other members of the royal family, including William and Kate.

Since the Duke and Duchess are slated to take on more responsibility, this is more evidence that a move to Kensington Palace is imminent. This is good news for royal fans, because that means more sightings of the Cambridge family, but I would dare to say that Wills and Kate are somewhat sad to move their family out of their country retreat back into the public eye.

It will be fun to see if/when the Cambridge family foes move back to London and watch them grow!

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Xoxo 🙂



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