Romancing the Throne: A Royal Review

Ever since I can remember (except for a short, agony-filled time in elementary school), I have loved reading. Like at Sephora, I could spend hours in any bookstore and spend hundreds of dollars on various books that catch my eye. Books are also useful for more than just reading- you can decorate with them, too. Coffee table books anyone? However, my favorite thing about reading is the ability to completely escape reality for a few hours and just get lost in the story. This sounds so cliché but I can’t help it. I’m a total bookworm.

I remember reading A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks in seventh grade and thus my love for romance novels began and a hopeless romantic was born. A little later, when I started following William and Kate, I remember being obsessed with royal movies: The Princess Diaries, The Prince & Me, all the royal Hallmark movies. Now, I cannot get enough royal-inspired novels. So, when I received Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney in the mail, I couldn’t wait to read it.


The back cover reads:

For the first time ever, the Weston sisters are at the same boarding school. After an administration scandal at Libby’s all-girls school threatens her chances at a top university, she decides to join Charlotte at posh and picturesque Sussex Park. Social-climbing Charlotte considers it her sisterly duty to bring Libby into her circle: Britain’s young elites, glamorous teens who vacation in Hong Kong and the South of France and are just as comfortable at a polo match as they are at a party.
It’s a social circle that just so happens to include handsome 17-year-old Prince Edward, heir to Britain’s throne.
Charlotte’s had her eye on Edward, and soon they’re snogging all over the campus lawn and common rooms—while Libby busies herself with settling into her studies and navigating the complicated social code of Sussex Park. Eager to put her sister at ease, Charlotte encourages Libby to hang out with her new boyfriend. And much to everyone’s surprise, Libby and Edward hit it off.
Actually, they really hit it off.
In this juicy, contemporary girl-meets-prince story, two sisters find themselves at odds over the same boy amid high-society expectations and paparazzi scandals. In the end, there may be a price to pay for romancing the throne . . . and more than one path to happily ever after.

This book is so good. SO. GOOD. Nadine grabs your attention from page one and you don’t want to put the book down until you’re finished. Romancing the Throne is the perfect combination of humor, charm, and romance. You will find yourself laughing, cringing, smiling and almost tearing up at times.

Dating a royal has its own set of rules and challenges and this story explores many of the ones that Kate (and even Pippa…even though she and Wills never dated) must have faced. However, there are certain perks that come with being in the inner circle of England’s most elite: gowns, galas, jetting off to Paris, weekend trips to country mansions, the list goes on. Nadine covers it all and you wish you were part of it…or at least I did at times.

I’ll say it again. This book is so good. I can’t wait for it to hit bookshelves on May 30 so you can see for yourself.

Don’t want to wait until May 30???

Nadine has provided me with an extra copy to giveaway!

Here are the rules:

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  2. Leave a comment of your favorite royal-inspired or royal-related book on this post!
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Make sure you follow the above steps on the Rafflecopter giveaway below to ensure that you have entered the giveaway:

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Many thanks to Nadine for writing such a great book and providing one to giveaway! Check out her website here. Romancing the Throne is available for pre-order now!



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